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Konftel CC200 Video System

Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System
Konftel CC200 Video System

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  • Product name: Konftel CC200
    Item no.: 931501001
    Contents: Konftel CC200, Lens cap, Remote control with qwerty keyboard and two AAA batteries, Wall mount with screws, Power adapter 220V (EU, US, AU, UK), HDMI Cable 1.5 m, 90° HDMI adapter, Quick Guide and Safety instructions.
    Size: 28.0 (11.0”) x 5.5 (2.2”) x 6.5 cm (2.6”) (LxWxH)
    Weight: 0.68 kg
  • IP: H.323, SIP (RFC 3261).
    Bit rate: H.323/SIP up to 4Mbps
    MCU compatibility: H.243, H.231 XMPP Presence support.
  • Sensor: 4Kp30
    Video resolution: 1080p30
    Horizontal Field of View: 102°
    Vertical Field of View: 68°
    Digital zoom: 5x
    Preset: up to 122 presets (web managed), up to 10 presets
    (GUI managed).
  • Video features: Two simultaneous channels: camera + content.
    Video protocols: 
    H.264, H.264 High Profile. 
    Dual: H.239 (H.323) and BFCP (SIP) 
    SVC (Scalable Video Coding) H.263+ is supported with resolutions up to [email protected] Only RFC2429 is supported. Custom formats and annexes are not supported.
    Video input: 
    Live video from built in camera up to 1920 x 1080p30fps. 
    Wireless presentation up to 1920 x 1080p15fps.
    Video output: 
    1x HDMI, 3840 x [email protected], 30fps; 1920 x [email protected],
    30fps; 1280 x [email protected], 30fps
    Live video encoding format:
    1920 x [email protected], 30fps
    1280 x [email protected], 30fps
    1024 x [email protected], 30fps: w576p
    848 x [email protected], 30fps: w480p
    768 x [email protected], 30fps: w448p
    704 x [email protected], 30fps: 4CIF
    704 x [email protected], 30fps: 4SIF
    624 x [email protected], 30fps: w352p
    576 x [email protected], 30fps
    512 x [email protected], 30fps: wCIF
    416 x [email protected], 30fps: w240p
    400 x [email protected], 30fps
    352 x [email protected], 30fps: CIF
    352 x [email protected], 30fps: SIF


    • Audio features:
      Acoustic echo cancellation 
      Audio error concealment 
      Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 
      Automatic noise suppression
      Audio protocols: 
      G.711, G.719, G.728 and G.729 A/B, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1 
      Opus Annex C
      Microphone: Microphone array
    • USB ports: 1 x USB-C, 1 x USB 3
      Audio inputs: Bluetooth, USB
      Audio outputs: 1 x HDMI, Bluetooth, USB
    • Content sharing / Web collaboration features:
      Wireless presentation (Wi-Fi Display – Miracast) up to 1080p15fps.
      Present content using Android Apps and USB memory stick.
      Share content through HDMI using the optional Konftel AV grabber connected to the USB port (optional accessory). Supported laptop resolutions are as follows:
      1920x1080p30, 50, 60
      1280x720p50, 60
      Content sharing / Split & share / Web collaboration protocols:
      Dual video: H.239 (H.323), BFCP (SIP).
      Wireless screen sharing (Wi-Fi Display – Miracast).
    • Network features:
      IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneous support.
      Auto Gatekeeper discovery.
      QoS support: IP Precedence, IP Type of Service (ToS),
      Differentiated Services (diffserv).
      IP adaptive packet management:
      Flow control.
      Packet Loss based down-speeding.
      Packet Loss recovery policies.
      Security features:
      Embedded encryption.
      H.323 security per H.235v3 / Annex D. SIP security per SRTP and TLS 1.2, enciphering up to AES-256.
      SIP “Digest” authentication (MD5) RTP media enciphering with AES-256.
      Public-Key including Diffie-Hellman (2048 bits), RSA (up to 4096 bits).
      Cryptographic hash (up to SHA-512).
      Web access via HTTPS.
      Selective enable / disable of IP features.
      White list support.
      Firewall traversal:
      Auto NAT discovery HTTP and STUN H.460.18, H.460.19 “Keep Alive” packet time configurable.
      Network protocols:
      DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP/RTCP, SNTP, STUN, TCP/IP, TELNET, TFTP , 802.1q and 802.1p.
      Network interfaces:
      10/100/1000 Base-T full-duplex (RJ-45).
      Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac, Hotspot).
    • 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 2.5A max.
  • User interface: 
    25 language on-screen user interface.
    Infrared remote control.
    API for endpoint control.
    Microsoft Exchange calendar integration.
    Android™ apps can be downloaded on the device and used alongside the Konftel CC200 video-communication application (Android is a trademark of Google LLC).
    Google Services Framework support by means of OpenGapps.
    Touch Screen Monitor control supported.
    Group Framing support for huddle rooms.
    External Keyboard/Mouse supported through USB interface or Bluetooth.
    Directory service & address book:
    LDAP Client (H.350).
    Receive global address book from enterprise LDAP Server.
    Web management:
    Configuration, call, diagnostics and management functions are accessible with Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 11.0+ and Opera 11+.
    Automatic Firmware Upgrade through Cloud.
    Meeting recording: 
    Recording on USB memory stick.
    Feature supported in call and outside of a call.
    Supported disks with file system FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4.
    Recorded file resolution 720p25 (rescaled to 720p when exceeding such resolution).
    Control API commands available to transfer the recorded file to a remote FTP server.
    Digital signature for recorded files.
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